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True Green Energy Revolution Systems LLP. has sparked the creation of a cleaner tomorrow by implementing a zero waste philosophy in the waste to energy market. By collecting, recycling and segregating the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) from its contracted cities, TGER Systems LLP is able to maximize the potential of the MSW and convert it into usable fuels and other related by-products.

Our recycled waste will be targeted toward recycling and reintroducing the products back into the markets, while the non-recyclables will be targeted into the manufacturing of Refuse Derived Fuels (RDFs). Landfills are filling up and costs of disposal are rising. True green Energy Revolution will resolve this problem by introducing its Zero Waste Philosophy onto new and existing dumpsites and landfills.

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3 Million+Waste Disposed
4 Million+Waste Recycled
7 Million+Waste Generated
61 %Recycling

TGER Process

We believe that sustainability is achieved through a combination of human, economic and natural factors.

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TGER Technology

Our Green Energy Technology and modern innovations help in providing environmentally friendly renewable and green energy helping to preserve and extend the life of our natural resources. We exist not only to make business but also to help protect and conserve a Natural World.

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