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Waste Management

We provide a safer and greener form of waste treatment and disposal method through our Bio Green System Technology, a technology that eliminates waste materials in a cost-effective and efficient manner utilizing advanced recycling and energy conversion methods. We seek to ensure that the waste materials including the non-traditional waste products are converted into marketable end-products without causing any harm to the environment and public health. This process is called the Front End System.

It is comprised of a sorting and segregation line where the recyclables are separated from the non-recyclables. The non-recyclables are primarily bio waste (food waste) and are sent to our fertilizer manufacturing equipment where it is transformed into a high grade fertilizer. The recyclables are further sorted and processed to remove the ferrous metals and glass from the plastic, paper, and cardboard. The glass and ferrous metals are sold as recyclables and reintroduced into the market. The rest of the material is sent to the Back End System.

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Thailand Green Energy Project

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Joint Venture Agreement

Joint Venture Agreement

Contract Signing for Thailand Investment for the New Tiger Green Energy System.

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